What if the Covid19 lasted 
for decades ?

During 2020 Covid19's global lockdown, after few days of being locked up, I decided to dive into a project, a sort of
log book, my way to set it in stone.

At this point, we had no idea on where we were heading, or how long this situation would last. I started thinking.

What if it lasted for decades ? In the future, relics from this past have been found.
The concept
The idea behind this project was to design on a daily basis, for 15 days (initial lockdown duration 😅). 
One relic a day, for 15 days.
Once i found the art direction I was heading for, I started to think about the objects themselves and the meaning I could give them.

Each relic echoes the news or a personal event during this quarantine.

For the medium, I wanted to throw myself even more in 3D design for so long, 
this project was fitting perfectly.
Setting up the project
I wanted to give a futuristic aspect to my relics, but also a damaged look to push the concept even more
in the sci-fi/post apocalyptic kind of vibe.

I chose to go for Arctic white, black, chrome and some glowing red lighting for the technologic look.

I would also brand the relics with my personal logo, like its a almost a private military
kind of corporation.
Let's mix things up 
At this point, i was all set. I knew where i was heading, now it was time to design 
the first artwork, the first relic.

Relic time !
Every relic will have the same camera setup for the main shot, plus a specific 
close up shot of the most interesting part of the object.
The imaginary pill that i took to be inspired for this project.
Food was starting to slowly suffer from shortages.
Ironically, same as food, toilet paper was starting to be a rare almost tradable ressource.
A positive vibe, we will defeat it !
At this point, we all wishing for a quick remedy.
Face mask was officially mandatory.
You better keep your temperature low.
Liters of alcoholic disinfectant solutions.
Vitamins every morning, highly recommended.
Quick reminder.
Should we start thinking to store ?
Everything you will need packed in a everything-proof case.
No ideas when we are free to go out, they just extended for a month.
Keeping your distance is META.
All heroes don't wear capes.
The display of the project
The project was posted all along on Instagram, on a real-time daily basis, 
it was super fun, people were waiting the relic drops everyday.

But I wanted to think of something else.

Let's think of an app.
An app you said ?
I really wanted to imagine a concept app that would get the best out of the relics, 
and try to display each one of them the best way possible.

An interface where the audience would learn more about the project, check on every relic
in a cool way, and... 
I wanted an augmented reality feature.

All of that would be packed in an application.

But, I can't code, so I kept it as a concept.
Once I was happy on how it turned out, I decided to think about animations, 
and how to get the best out of the relics, as I said, in the coolest way possible.

So I fired up After effect, and I started playing with micro animations for my user interfaces,
and I also added my AR feature.

This is how it turned out.

It's Show Time !
Thanks for reading :)
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